Flow diagram of the Metrics Platform

The Metrics Platform

Abstract illustration of scalable cloud-based simulation concept

Scalable Cloud-based Simulation

Metrics hosts a complete SystemVerilog IEEE 1800-2012 compliant simulator. As a true cloud simulator, it guarantees immediate unlimited parallel job execution for every authorized team member, even during periods of peak demand.

Abstract illustration of data-driven verification management concept

Data-driven Verification Management

Metrics provides a continuous integration workflow and web-based user interface that enable 365/24 access and collaboration around the world. Simulation results and corresponding logs, waveforms, and coverage data are immediately shared across the team for rapid debug and regression triage.

Abstract illustration of works with existing investments concept

Works with Existing Investments

Using advanced Git capabilities, the Metrics’ workflow and repository connects into existing infrastructure. If needed, all test results can be downloaded to other verification and reporting tools. Because Metrics is cloud based, no new hardware or software licenses are needed.

Abstract illustration of security concept


Without stringent security, cloud + EDA is a non starter. As a Strategic Technology Partner with Google Cloud, Metrics has addressed the demands of our customers. Single Sign On (SSO), isolated virtual compute clusters per customer, and multi-layered encryption are just a few of the technologies and processes deployed.

Abstract illustration of pay-by-the-minute concept


Unlike traditional software license models, Metrics uses pay-by-the-minute pricing and only charges for the resources used. No new capital expenditures, no complicated remix, no hassles.

Improve Using Metrics

See how Metrics’ Cloud Simulator and Verification Manager improves your productivity, coverage closure decisions, and IC design success.