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The Only Cloud-First, Full-feature RTL Simulator

No Licenses. No Limitations. No Upfront Fees.

Powerful SystemVerilog and VHDL Simulator in the Cloud

Simulation as a Service

83% of FPGA designs ship with non-trivial bugs*

Smash more bugs with DSim Cloud’s low-cost, full-feature solution!

Don‘t be blindsided by nontrivial bugs in your FPGA designs due to the traditional costs and licensing models of RTL simulators. DSim Cloud, the world‘s first and only cloudfirst, fullfeature SystemVerilog and VHDL Simulator, combines the power of the cloud with our featurerich and highperformance simulator, DSim.

DSim Cloud is simply the best RTL simulation solution for FPGA designs in the world today

RTL Simulators Are Slow and Expensive

Traditional RTL simulators can cost up to 10K+ per year, per machine. The more machines you have, the more your licensing costs can spiral out of control.

And you must pay for licenses all year—even if you do regression testing in short bursts and don’t use your RTL simulators most of the time.

You can try to lower your costs by sharing licenses. But if you run simulations in parallel, you might not have enough licenses to finish the job on time. Your regression testing will take significantly longer, which delays your time to market and impacts your revenue.

Lower Your Costs and Speed Your Time to Market with DSim Cloud

DSim Cloud is the first and only cloud-native RTL Simulator. It combines the agility of the cloud with the high performance of a SystemVerilog and VHDL Simulator—while letting you perform unlimited regression tests without licenses or upfront fees.


Avoid the high costs and hassles of licenses.

DSim Cloud doesn't require licenses. You only pay for your actual minutes used during simulations and regression testing. This SaaS model provides immediate cost savings, as you don't need to commit all your machines to an expensive annual subscription.


Run thousands of simulations.

Simply press a button to run thousands of simulations in parallel. DSim Cloud scales to as many machines as you need—speeding your time to market at a fraction of the cost of a traditional RTL simulator.


Get up and running in just 30 minutes.

DSim Cloud takes minutes, not hours or days, to install. The cloud platform also eliminates the high costs of hardware, data centers, and ongoing IT maintenance.


Keep your IP secure.

DSim Cloud runs on a secure Microsoft Azure platform. It protects your design files and other sensitive data by encrypting all communications between users' workstations and the cloud platform.

DSim Cloud powered by our RTL simulator, DSim

DSim Cloud is deployed in Azure Cloud and allows you to run simulations  on your local workstation. Powered by Metrics’ RTL Simulator, DSim, it comes with all the high-performance features you expect from an RTL Simulator, including the following:


Fully featured simulator

  • SystemVerilog LRM Compliant
  • Gate-level timing and SDF


  • Modern architecture: LLVM-based
  • Competitive performance with EDA vendors

Verification Ready

  • UVM, Constraint solver
  • SystemVerilog assertions (SVA)
  • Code and functional coverage
SystemVerilog logo

Easy Integration

  • PLI and DPI support


  • VHDL 1993 and 2008
  • Mixed SV and VHDL

IEEE 1735 Encryption

  • Simulate encrypted IP from other vendors
  • Encrypt your own code

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Simply put, the Metrics DSim Cloud simulator works. I didn’t find anything in my code that needed to be refactored to compile and run in DSim, and its performance is on par with similar EDA tools.”
– Drew Ranck

“[DSim Cloud] made it easy to access a fast and fully featured SystemVerilog simulator from my local work environment.”
– Francis Wang

* Based on 2020 Wilson Research Group functional verification study – FPGA functional verification trend report