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Faster. Lower cost. More secure.

Metrics is the cloud platform engineers choose to run simulations.

EDA as a

Number of hours to complete simulations.

Number of Parallel Metrics Simulations

Parallel Simulation Acceleration

Actual Results from a Metrics User

  • With Metrics you have the ability to utilize the unlimited scaling in the cloud. Your regression tests complete in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional EDA simulators … automatically. Let’s go!
  • Users have the flexibility to choose different hardware configurations and the number of parallel simulations to meet their verification workload. One size doesn’t fit all … with Metrics you can select the right size hardware with the right number of simulations running in parallel. It’s the power of the cloud!
  • Users can react quickly when they’re at the end of an ASIC design cycle and critically need additional simulation capability. With Metrics there are no short-term simulation licenses to buy and install, no time is wasted provisioning a cloud configuration, and your budget won’t be busted by paying exorbitant prices to traditional EDA vendors. Just get your RTL verified… faster!

The Metrics Cloud Platform

  • Unlimited scalability enables EDA workloads to execute faster in parallel
  • Pay-by-the-minute pricing model for the most cost-effective EDA solution
  • Data warehousing eliminates the need for time consuming & expensive data downloads
  • Elastic storage ensures EDA workloads always have enough memory to complete

Metrics Provides Three Key Benefits


Now you can take advantage of the massive parallel computing capability in the cloud to accelerate EDA workloads such as regression tests

Flexibility to use the optimal compute HW and as many EDA licenses as you require

Metrics SaaS implementation doesn’t require long and expensive data downloads

Lower Cost

Metrics pay-by-the-minute pricing requires no upfront or long-term purchase … simply pay for the resources used

Discounts are automatically awarded with increased usage or can be earned in advance with a Price-Lock guarantee

Flexibility to immediatley change your EDA spend based on new business conditions

More Secure

Cloud-security is far superior to on-premise datacenters

Flexibility to deploy options like Single Sign On (SSO), isolated virtual compute clusters, and multi-layered encryption security technologies and processes

Regular verification of security, privacy, and compliance controls

What is the Industry Saying?

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Responsible for overall direction and leadership of the company.


Responsible for the productivity and results of the engineering group.


Responsible for providing an optimal computing environment.

Metrics would like to Introduce you to its Customer Experience (mCX) team.

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