The Metrics Cloud Platform

A SaaS Cloud Computing Environment for EDA

Number of hours to complete simulations

Number of Parallel Metrics Simulations

Parallel Simulation Acceleration

Actual Results from a Metrics User

  • With Metrics you have the ability to utilize the unlimited scaling in the cloud. Your regression tests complete in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional EDA simulators … automatically. Let’s go!
  • Users have the flexibility to choose different hardware configurations and the number of parallel simulations to meet their verification workload. One size doesn’t fit all … with Metrics you can select the right size hardware with the right number of simulations running in parallel. It’s the power of the cloud!
  • Users can react quickly when they’re at the end of a FPGA or ASIC design cycle and critically need additional simulation capability. With Metrics there are no short-term simulation licenses to buy and install, no time is wasted provisioning a cloud configuration, and your budget won’t be busted by paying exorbitant prices to traditional EDA vendors. Just get your RTL verified… faster!


Metrics API
  • Integrate custom software elements into the Metrics Cloud Platform.
  • Robust REST interface for building or integrating applications.
  • Open and customizable hosting via container-based approach.
  • Support for simple scripts and more complex applications.
Metrics Platform GUI
  • Convenient user interface for direct access to the Metrics Cloud Platform.
Metrics Viewers
  • Viewers are available for analyzing simulation waveforms, reviewing test & coverage results, and inspecting simulation log files


Metrics Management Console

Console for administrating user accounts, projects, and managing costs.

  • Platform Access
    Users & projects can only be added/removed
    by Admins to prevent unwanted usage.
  • Resource Limitations
    Limits can be set for user accounts and projects
    to prevent over usage.
  • Consumption Management
    Admins can view usage in real-time and
    set consumption limits/quotas/alerts.


Metrics Workflows
  • Customizable – based on industry standard JSON and YAML formats.
  • Flexible – able to integrate custom software elements into our platform.
  • Automated – enables an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of activity.
  • Reproducible – any workflow run on Metrics can be re-created at any time.
  • Standards – support for best practices such as continuous integration, Github integrations, and git-based workflows.


Metrics Cloud Simulator
  • Fully compliant to SystemVerilog IEEE 1800-2012 LRM.
  • Supports all SystemVerilog RTL and testbench code including UVM.
  • Scalable cloud computing guarantees unlimited parallel job execution.
  • Immediately available for every authorized team member, even during periods of peak demand.

* Synthesis and Static Timing Analysis are planned future products.


Metrics Data Warehouse
  • All EDA artifacts and simulation results remain in the cloud.
  • Metrics policies ensure secure, fast, and cost-effective storage.
  • Avoids expensive and time-consuming data downloads.


Cloud Security
  • Microsoft Azure has invested over $1B in security R&D and 3,500 cybersecurity experts.
  • Google Cloud has more than a $2B yearly budget for cloud security.
  • Compare that to what your company spends on security for your datacenters.
  • Investments in cloud security will only continue to increase.

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