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DSim Cloud: Simulation as a Service Solution

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DSim Cloud is:

  1. The most affordable SystemVerilog and VHDL fullfeature simulator on the market
  2. Extremely easy to get started with run your first simulation in less than 30 minutes!
  3. Not limited to the number of simulations you need to run simultaneously

DSim Cloud Architecture

DSim Cloud, our Simulation as a Service solution, is comprised of 4 key components

DSim EDA Simulator

DSim Simulator (DSim)

DSim is our cutting-edge, full-feature SystemVerilog and VHDL simulator, optimized for maximum power in the cloud

DSim Cloud Platform

The Platform

The Platform, hosted on Microsoft Azure, serves as the heart of DSim Cloud, coordinating secure communications between mdc, the Portal, and DSim, as well as orchestrating the running of multiple simulations in parallel based on user needs.

DSim Cloud CLI (mdc)

DSim Cloud CLI (mdc)

DSim Cloud CLI (mdc) is the command-line tool interface to DSim Cloud. Users can securely send commands via mdc to perform various commands, including running simulations and downloading files.

DSim Cloud Portal

DSim Cloud Portal

DSim Cloud Portal is a web application where users can access key learning content, support resources, manage their workspaces, and view their usage information.

DSim Simulator (DSim)

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Fully featured simulator

  • SystemVerilog LRM Compliant
  • Gate-level timing and SDF
  • Modern architecture: LLVM-based


  • Modern architecture: LLVM-based
  • Competitive performance with EDA vendors

Verification Ready

  • UVM, Constraint solver
  • SystemVerilog assertions (SVA)
  • Code and functional coverage

IEEE 1735 Encryption

  • Simulate encrypted IP from other vendors
  • Encrypt your own code

Easy Integration

  • PLI and DPI support


  • VHDL 1993 and 2008
  • Mixed SV and VHDL

The Platform

Using industry-standard encryption protocols and security best practices, securely transfer your designs into the cloud, ready to be used by DSim for simulation.

Spin up compute resources as required for your simulation needs; there is no need to invest in powerful, expensive PCs and multiple simulator licenses.

Securely store and download your simulation artifacts, such as log and waveform files.

Coming Soon

Orchestrate the running of two or more simulations in parallel; run thousands of simulations simultaneously for your regression needs to shorten your time to market.

DSim Cloud CLI (mdc)

A small footprint installer for Windows, Linux, and MacOS allows you to use DSim Cloud on almost any machine.

Used to securely send encrypted commands to DSim Cloud, including running simulations, downloading simulation results (logs and waveforms), and managing your workspaces.

Securely synchronize your local folder with your design files using DSim Cloud; You can learn more about that in our support article Understanding Workspaces.

DSim Cloud Portal

User portal to access key learning material, including getting-started tutorials and videos.

View your usage of DSim Cloud and your DSim Cloud spend.

Coming Soon

Access to the support team and the knowledgebase via our support chat app.

Coming Soon

Manage your workspaces, including seeing a list of your workspaces, the status of each workspace, and cleaning up your workspaces.