DSim Cloud Pricing

No Licensing Fees.

No Upfront Fees.

Pay-as-you-go Pricing.

DSim Cloud is the most affordable, full feature RTL simulator in the market

Traditional RTL simulators can cost up to $10,000+ per year, per machine. The more machines you have, the more your licensing costs can spiral out of control.

With DSim Cloud, you only pay for what you use. You are in total control over your costs.

DSim Cloud Pricing Table

Compute Size

Compute Size *Regular Machine Size (s4) - 2 core, 4 GB RAM Large Machine Size (s8) - 2 core, 8 GB RAM
Interactive Simulation $0.03 USD per minute $0.04 USD per minute
Regression $0.015 USD per minute $0.02 USD per minute
*default compute size
**Prices are in USD and do not include applicable taxes. Pricing subject to change.

You can choose which compute you think your design will require. Currently, we offer two compute sizes; however, in the future, we may consider adding more depending on customer needs. The default compute size is Standard (s4) if you don‘t choose a compute size when you initialize your workspace. Learn more about configuring your compute size.

Interactive Simulation

Interactive simulation is meant to facilitate your development flow. You may require multiple iterations, updating your design files and simulating to test your changes. This type of usage requires a workspace, and you are charged for the time the workspace is active. No charges are incurred when you pause or destroy a workspace; you only pay for the time the active workspace is running. Learn more about DSim Cloud workspaces.


Regression  is intended for the phase of your project when you need to run regressions against your designs. You are only charged for the time between the start and end of your regression.


  1. If a regression takes 10 minutes to run, you will be charged 10 minutes.
  2. If you run the same regression, 100 times in serial, it will cost you 1,000 minutes.
  3. If you run the same regression 100 times in parallel, you will be charged 1,000 minutes.

With DSim Cloud, whether you run 100 regressions in serial or 100 in parallel, it costs the same, but your time to market is shortened - this is the value and power of DSim Cloud Pricing.

Pricing Calculator1

1For demonstration purposes only. All calculated costs do not include applicable taxes.

Not sure what your costs are going to be? Use this pricing calculator to better understand your potential costs.

First Choose a Compute Size

Choose a compute size

Calculate Interactive Workspace Costs

How many minutes will you use in a day?
Your Daily Cost:
Your Monthly Cost:
Your Annual Cost:
Annual Cost of Traditional RTL Simulators: $10,000+
*Calculations assume 20 business days in a month and 240 business days in a year

Calculate Regression Costs

How many minutes does your simulation take?
How many simulations do you need to run for a regression?
Minutes Used:
Time (in minutes) to complete in serial:
*comparable to single traditional licensing
Time (in minutes) to complete in parallel:
Your Regression Usage Cost is ≥:
Whether you run your regressions in parallel or in serial, your costs are the same!