February 1, 2018

Metrics Announces Pay-by-Minute Cloud Simulator & Verification Manager

EDA industry’s 1st True Cloud Software Solution with Instantly-Adjustable Usage & Unlimited Capacity during Peak Demand

Ottawa, Ontario, February 1, 2018 – Metrics Technologies, Inc. today announced its flagship product, the Metrics Cloud Simulator & Verification Manager -- the electronic design automation industry’s first true cloud software solution. Metrics provides disruptive, instantly adjustable, pay-by-minute SaaS pricing. Additionally, customers get the full technology advantages of the cloud, including on-demand deployment, unlimited capacity during peak demand, and lower total cost of ownership.

Verification Teams Face Schedule & Productivity Hits during Peak Demand

Semiconductor and systems companies today are limited by software license and hardware restrictions during periods of peak usage. Verification engineers can end up waiting overnight or even days for their simulation regression jobs to be scheduled and run on their compute farms -- wasting engineering resources and delaying project completion dates.

Companies must balance periods of peak verification demand within the allocated budget for hardware costs and software licenses. Additionally, managers can lack visibility into progress toward verification milestones for various projects.

Metrics: Pay Only for What You Need, with Instantly-Adjustable Capacity

Because the Metrics Cloud Simulator & Verification Manager is a true cloud solution, it has the rapid elasticity to instantly scale commensurate with variable demand. The simulation resources are automatically adjusted up or down, dynamically by the minute, without having to purchase additional hardware, licenses, or manage disk space.

“Rapidly increasing demand for functional simulation, and particularly the need to avoid the delays that occur during peak demand, is driving companies to adopt cloud-based verification,” said Doug Letcher, President and CEO of Metrics. “Metrics has spent three calendar-years and over 30 person-years developing a full-featured SystemVerilog simulator and verification manager that captures the true potential of the cloud for the first time in EDA.”

Metrics Maximizes Cloud Benefits in Secure Environment

Metric Cloud Simulator & Verification Manager enables companies to take full advantage of cloud technology to accelerate their verification projects.

1. Complete cloud-based simulator

Metrics offers a complete, SystemVerilog IEEE 1800-2012 compliant simulator. The simulator includes support for constraint solving, SVA checking, functional coverage, and all standard test bench and RTL constructs. UVM is thus fully supported.

Because it is a true cloud simulator, every authorized team member can have immediate unlimited access even during peak demand.

2. Data-driven cloud verification manager

Metrics provides a web-based interface, enabling a 365/24 access for productive collaboration around the world.

Metrics’ cloud verification manager supports:

  • Continuous integration to keep code functional and teams productive
  • A regression triage flow to help debug test failures, with the ability to view and filter test history, including logs, waves, and code revision data
  • Data-driven functional coverage closure via measurement & optimization
  • Visibility into a project at engineering and management levels

3. Plug-and-play in existing workflows

Metrics’ productivity-enhancing solution can be deployed into existing design and verification workflows via a securely hosted Git repository. Metrics’ cloud verification results can also be downloaded for use with other verification tools.

Additionally, because the system is on-demand and cloud-based, there are no traditional compute servers or simulation software licenses to buy and support. The verification software is automatically upgraded and maintained for all customers.

4. Secure, reliable, data protection

Metrics solves the security obstacles necessary for broader cloud deployment. It uses Single Sign On with customer-provided identities. Additionally, companies can specify appropriate role-based permission levels for different users to launch simulation jobs and view pertinent verification results.

The data is fully encrypted during transmission and can be fully encrypted at rest. Metrics also uses a high-reliability, redundant architecture to protect all customer data.

Metrics utilizes the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and is a Google Strategic Technology Partner. Each Metrics customer gets a dedicated cluster of machines within GCP, which is one of the most secure and reliable compute environments available today.

5. Cloud verification ecosystem

Customers and 3rd party vendors can integrate custom software elements into their cloud verification environment, including licensed verification IP.

The Metrics API provides a robust set of interfaces for quickly building or integrating verification applications as part of a complete cloud verification environment.

Metrics is actively working with 3rd party vendors to incorporate their products into the Metrics cloud ecosystem.

Pricing and Availability

Metrics’ Cloud Simulator & Verification Manager is available immediately. The pricing model is entirely pay-by-minute, at $.04/minute/simulation job. No remix restrictions.

For more information, visit: www.metrics.ca/cloud-simulator-verification-manager/

In other news today, Metrics also announced its company launch as a provider of pay-by-minute SaaS cloud-based verification solutions.

About Metrics

Metrics is the first provider of cloud-based simulation and verification management solutions, offering electronic systems and semiconductor companies instantly-adjustable access and pay-by-minute SaaS pricing, with unlimited capacity during peak demand. Metrics offers a secure robust verification environment – all from a 100% cloud-based platform utilizing Google Cloud and accessible via major web browsers. Metrics’ API enables semiconductor teams and software vendors to integrate custom software elements into their cloud verification environment. The headquarters is at 100 Gloucester Street Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0A4. For more information please visit www.metrics.ca or call 613-722-2511.

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