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  • With Metrics you have the ability to utilize the scaling in the cloud. There is never a simulation queue as resources are always available. And your regression tests complete in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional time-based licensed EDA simulators … automatically. Let’s go!

  • Users have the flexibility to choose different hardware configurations and the number of parallel simulations to meet their verification workload. One size doesn’t fit all … with Metrics you can select the right size hardware with the right number of simulations running in parallel. It’s the power of the cloud!
  • With Metrics there are no simulation licenses to buy and install. No computing and network hardware to maintain. Everything is provided to you as a service so you can do what you do best … design FPGAs and ASICs!

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FPGA Design

Now you can use a leading-edge RTL simulator with no capacity or performance limits that’s within your budget.

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ASIC Design

Reduce regression testing from days to hours by taking advantage of the parallel computation capacity of the cloud.