Aurora Verification Cloud - Early Access

Simulation as a Service offering for GOWIN Customers

Simulate RTL. No licenses. No limitations.​

About Aurora

The Aurora Verification Cloud Platform provides access to the DSim simulator and provides FPGA developers with a flexible and powerful way to increase the quality of their designs.

Unlike other Simulation platforms, which require high up front investment, installation, IT management and offer only minimal support, Aurora is different in that it offers pay-per-use pricing, reduced IT costs, high quality cloud-based, secure simulation solutions and access to our customer experience team for support.

About Metrics


Metrics is an EDA startup, aimed at providing a new generation of tools which leverage the strength and capabilities of modern technologies and of the cloud to provide a new level of service and flexibility for the EDA market.

  • Pay-per-use pricing
    • with free trial offered until September 2022
  • No IT overhead
    • No installation, licensing, patching, and updating of simulation tools
  • Secure
    • Managed, secure data storage
  •  Simple
    • Ready to start in 30m
  • Fully Featured
    • SystemVerilog LRM Compliant
    • Gate-level timing and SDF
  • Modern
    • Modern architecture: LLVM-based
    • Competitive performance with EDA vendors
  • Verification ready
    • UVM, Constraint solver
    • SystemVerilog assertions (SVA)
    • Code and functional coverage
  • Easy Integration
    • PLI and DPI support
  • IEEE 1735 Encryption
    • Simulate encrypted IP from other vendors
    • Encrypt your own code
  • VHDL (currently in beta)
    • VHDL 93 and 2008
    • Mixed SV and VHDL

Demo Video

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GOWIN Partnership Information

  •  GOWIN and Metrics are partnering to provide GOWIN customers with world class simulation capabilities on the cloud
  • As part of the early access program, a limited number of GOWIN customers will be given free usage of the DSim simulator with the Aurora cloud platform

GOWIN Early Access Program

  • Free access to Simulation as a Service until September 2022
  • Support to get you up and running
  • Regular access to Metrics engineers for questions/feedback
  • Attractive pricing once EA program is complete
  • Budgetary pricing of ~$2/hour (after the the early access program)

Contact our team to start your evaluation: