Metrics Leading True Cloud Verification

As the industry’s first true cloud simulation and verification management solutions, Metrics’ True Cloud Simulator offers unlimited capacity and rapid elasticity to scale with variable demand. On-demand, pay-by-the-minute pricing allows for peak demand to be met without having to acquire redundant licenses for non-peak loads.

Engineering groups can reduce infrastructure and costs, expect faster regression times, improved triage, reduced trunk code errors, modern predictable code coverage and IC design success, while increasing the security of their projects.

Metrics modern SaaS Continuous Integration workflow allows for easy integration into existing environments while enabling massive regression runs from verification teams collaborating around the globe. This new form of verification is available to other verification players, such as our VIP partner Avery Design Systems and SaaS infrastructure partner Google Cloud.

Unwind at the Verified Party

Metrics is a co-sponsor of the “Verified” party on Monday night, from 8:00 to midnight at the Golden Gate Tap Room. Request a ticket at our booth, through the form on this page or through your local representative.

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