Abstract illustration of cloud simulator and verification manager concept

Cloud Simulation and Verification Management for Modern, Predictable Coverage Closure

Metrics delivers the benefits of a true cloud solution for IC verification, including on demand deployment, high reliability, and team collaboration.

We are removing the typical high overhead of configuring and maintaining the hardware and software needed for a robust verification environment. At the same time, we are eliminating the historical obstacles to broad cloud adoption, such as security concerns and workflow integration.

Our pay by the minute Software as a Service approach will enable semiconductor and systems companies to instantly accommodate peak simulation demand, optimize budgets, and accelerate verification closure.

The three key characteristics of Metrics are:

  • Cloud-based simulation, analytics, and open platform technology
  • Fair pricing by the minute for instant on demand provisioning
  • Global team collaboration with secure integration to existing workflows

Cloud Simulator and Verification Manager major features and capabilities

Abstract illustration of cloud simulator concept

Cloud Simulator

  • Fully compliant to SystemVerilog IEEE 1800-2012
  • Scalable, instant on demand, unlimited capacity
  • Constrained randomization, SVA checking, functional coverage
  • Supports all SystemVerilog RTL and Testbench code including UVM
Abstract illustration of verification manager concept

Verification Manager

  • Continuous integration workflow
  • Web-based UI for test results, logs, waveforms, and coverage
  • Test history filtering - logs, waves, and code revision data
  • Regression debug and triage flow with GitLab integration
  • Collaboration and visibility at engineering and management levels
Abstract illustration of Plug and play with existing workflows concept

Plug and play with existing workflows

  • Git repository based interface, securely hosted
  • Open and customizable via container based approach
  • All results data can be viewed online or downloaded
  • Software is automatically maintained and upgraded
Abstract illustration of security concept


  • Metrics application has minimum attack surface
  • Dedicated Google Cloud account for each customer
  • Single Sign On with customer IT provided identities
  • Google Cloud $2B yearly budget for security
  • Data encryption during transmission and at rest
  • IEEE-1735 code level encryption as backup option
Abstract illustration of Metrics API concept

Metrics API

  • Integrate custom software elements into the platform
  • Robust REST interface for building or integrating applications
  • Open and customizable hosting via container based approach
  • Support for simple scripts and more complex applications

Improve Using Metrics

See how Metrics’ Cloud Simulator and Verification Manager improves your productivity, coverage closure decisions, and IC design success.