ASIC Solution

Simulation as a service efficiently provides the needed capacity

Metrics Provides Three Key Benefits


Now you can take advantage of the massive parallel computing capability in the cloud to accelerate Simulation workloads such as regression tests

Flexibility to use the optimal compute HW and no need for Simulation licenses

Fast. Simple. Easy.

Lower Cost

Metrics pay-by-the-minute pricing requires no upfront or long-term purchase … simply pay for the resources used

Discounts are automatically awarded with increased usage 

Flexibility to immediatley change your Simulations spend based on new business conditions

More Secure

Cloud-security is far superior to on-premise datacenters

Flexibility to deploy options like Single Sign On (SSO), isolated virtual compute clusters, and multi-layered encryption security technologies and processes

Regular verification of security, privacy, and compliance controls

Benefits of the Metrics Solution

SaaS business model
  • Pay only for actual minutes used​

As much as you need
  • Cloud scale parallelism and flexibility​

No IT overhead
  • No installation, licensing, patching, or updating​

Data warehouse
  • Managed, secure and scalable storage​


The Metrics Simulator

Modern and fully SystemVerilog Compliant
  • Competitive compiled-code performance 
  • Constraint solving, SVA, UVM
  • Code and functional coverage

The Metrics Cloud Platform

  • Cloud scalability enables Simulation workloads to execute faster in parallel
  • Pay-by-the-minute pricing model for the most cost-effective Simulation solution
  • Data warehousing eliminates the need for time consuming & expensive data downloads
  • Elastic storage ensures Simulation workloads always have enough resources to complete